Swissôtel launches new loyalty program

Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts has launched Swissôtel Circle, a new loyalty program.

Membership is divided into three tiers: Inizia, Elevà and Zenit. The three tiers are named after expressions from Romansh, Switzerland’s fourth official language that is associated with the eastern Alps.

Guests attain Inizia privileges once they have stayed for five nights in one or more of Swissôtel’s properties. Inizia guests get personalized room preferences, priority waitlist status, complimentary access to spa and sport facilities and Advantage Awards, which they can redeem for free upgrades, free breakfast or free internet access.

Guests who have stayed 20 nights within 12 months become Elevà members. Elevà benefits include free breakfast, access to the executive lounge, free internet access, 48-hours guaranteed room availability (with blackout dates) and Premier Awards, redeemable for complimentary room nights or dinner for two.

Those who spend 60 nights in two or more Swissôtel properties within a year receive Zenit membership. The top tier benefits include free upgrades, invitations to Swissôtel Circle events, a partner card that gives the same status and benefits to their spouse, 48-hour guaranteed room availability without black-out dates and Zenit Awards, which can be redeemed for free weekends in suite accomdations.

Zenit and Elevà membership is subject to renewal every 24 months.

“We recognize with this new and attractive program a circle of guests who enjoy staying regularly at Swissôtel and reward them for it by tailoring our services to match their individual needs and preferences,” said Stephan Dupré, director loyalty marketing, Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts.