STR: Hotels in Melbourne, Dubai, London end 2022 on performance high note 

Hotels in Melbourne, Australia, saw their highest monthly ADR on record, according to preliminary December 2022 data from STR.  

  • Occupancy: 67.7% 
  • ADR: AU$236.53 (US$163.07) 
  • RevPAR: AU$160.22 (US$110.46)

ADR and RevPAR levels surpassed pre-pandemic comparables by 27.2% and 9.1%, respectively, while occupancy was below the 2019 comparable (-14.3%). 

According to daily data, the month’s highest occupancy was recorded on Dec. 10, 2022, at 90%, with the market’s daily occupancy levels remaining above the 60% mark throughout the first half of the month. The highest daily ADR and RevPAR levels were reported on New Year’s Eve at AU$372.23 (US$256.63) and AU$300 (US$206.83), respectively.  

Melbourne’s occupancy on the books for January 2023 (47% as of January 2) is already higher than actualized January 2022 occupancy (42%). Removal of COVID norms in Victoria and the Australian Open (Grand Slam tennis) were the leading drivers of performance.  


Meanwhile, in Dubai, hotel occupancy was lower than the pre-pandemic comparable, but ADR once again pushed RevPAR much above 2019 levels, showed STR’s preliminary data.  

  • Occupancy: 76.6% 
  • ADR: AED892.84 ($243.03)  
  • RevPAR: AED684.03 ($186.19) 

The occupancy level was 2% below the 2019 comparable (78.2%), while ADR and RevPAR were 33.8% and 31.1% higher, respectively. Occupancy was slightly ahead of 2019 in both October and November. ADR and RevPAR were well above pre-pandemic levels throughout the year.  

December daily data shows Dubai’s highest performance was posted on New Year’s Eve: occupancy (91%), ADR (AED1,765.51/$480.58) and RevPAR (AED1,606.74/$437.36). With the exception of four days during the month, daily occupancy levels remained above 70%.  


ADR and RevPAR in London were higher than the 2019 comparable for the eighth consecutive month.  

  • Occupancy: 76.8%  
  • ADR: £206.87 ($251.35) 
  • RevPAR: £158.89 ($193.19) 

London’s ADR and RevPAR levels were up 31% and 25.1%, respectively, from the pre-pandemic comparables. Like the rest of the year, occupancy stayed below the 2019 comparable (-4.5%).   

As per daily data for December, London’s highest occupancy levels were recorded on Dec. 3 (93.4%), and Dec. 7 (93.7%). The market recorded daily occupancy levels of 60% or higher throughout the month with only three days falling below the 60% mark (22-24 December).