Sports reporter sues Marriott over peephole incidents

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews has filed a lawsuit against the West End Marriott in Nashville, Tennessee, and a convicted perpetrator for invasion of privacy, negligence and infliction of emotional stress over an incident in 2008 when she was videotaped through the hotel door’s peephole, The Tennessean reported Tuesday. She is seeking US$6 million in damages from the hotel and US$4 million from the perpetrator.

The lawsuit charges that the perpetrator called the hotel and was told which room Andrews would be staying in. He then checked into the room next to hers, videotaped Andrews while she was changing and posted the video on the Internet.

A spokesman for Marriott on Monday declined to comment on the lawsuit to The Tennessean, but did say the company has changed its policies since the incident.

After withdrawing her initial lawsuits last year, Andrews has now re-filed separate lawsuits in each of the locations where she was recorded. The lawsuit accuses Marriott of negligence, infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy and seeks at least US$2 million in damages for each of the claims.