Ritz-Carlton concierges add expertise to Foursquare

CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND The Ritz-Carlton is bringing its world concierge services to Foursquare, the location-based social media platform, marking the first time a luxury hotel brand has extended exclusive services to a mobile public audience.

Tips will be populated regularly by concierges from all 75 Ritz-Carlton hotels around the world contributing, with the knowledge-base growing and evolving every week.

There is not a mention to be found about the soup of the day at a particular hotel; instead, Ritz-Carlton employees are taking their expertise beyond the hotels, providing insight into their locales at large.

“Guests of The Ritz-Carlton have always enjoyed the expertise of concierges who are the best in the business. Their local knowledge, VIP access and incomparable contacts make them an invaluable resource for travelers.” says Chris Gabaldon, the brand’s chief sales and marketing officer.

Foursquare in a sense enables Ritz-Carlton concierges to travel with members of the public. “It’s possible to access their destination knowledge instantly as you check in to multiple global landmarks,” Gabaldon says. “Starting today, Foursquare users across the globe are invited to access knowledge and valuable tips just by following The Ritz-Carlton on Foursquare. For the first time ever, the collected local knowledge of The Ritz-Carlton is available in your pocket.”

Foursquare users are able to find local information by visiting the profile of The Ritz-Carlton or by checking in to numerous locations of interest around the world. To receive tips as they go live, follow The Ritz-Carlton on Foursquare by visiting