RCI unveils transparent timeshare trading market

PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY Wyndham Worldwide vacation exchange group RCI has enhanced its RCI Weeks timeshare trading program to allow members to know the market value of their vacation intervals once they are deposited with RCI.

For the first time in its 36-year history, RCI Weeks members are able to compare the trading power value of their deposited week to the trading power value of the timeshare interval they want to exchange into and can combine deposited timeshare intervals, allowing them to transact into higher-valued vacations. And to provide even greater benefit, RCI will for the first time be providing a deposit credit if the trading value of the deposited interval is greater than the interval they have exchanged into.

“In the increasingly transparent online vacation planning world that we live in, this is something our members have been consistently asking for. It’s one of the most exciting things we’ve ever done for our members—it’s really unprecedented,” says RCI CEO Geoff Ballotti. “Transparency is important because people want to have more control over how they trade their timeshare vacation for another vacation they’d like to take. From our customer service, marketing and technology teams, we’ve brought together our entire company to solve for our members’ request to give them what they want in terms of knowing the trading power value of their deposited timeshare week and what it will take to get them to where they want to vacation, allowing them access to vacations that they might not have been able to book in the past.

“At the same time, we’ve been working with our affiliates who have largely embraced the change as both unique and revolutionary,” Ballotti says. “Our affiliated timeshare developers realize that this is what the customer wants and they are working with us to help us deliver the promise of flexibility for their timeshare owners and our members in planning their vacations.”