Pegasus service helps hoteliers capture direct metasearch bookings

DALLAS Pegasus Solutions has launched MetaSearch Services, a solution that allows hotels to capture a greater share of the profitable direct bookings from metasearch results.

The product recently completed beta testing with several major hotel chains, during which they achieved a return on investment of up to 5:1 for every dollar spent. The program is now available to Pegasus’ 90,000 hotel customers worldwide.

With MetaSearch Services, Pegasus increases the revenue opportunity for hotels seeking business through online search by displaying and linking directly to hotel information, rate and availability in metasearch results. The product allows metasearch engines to shop hotels and travel suppliers through Pegasus, but sends the booking directly to the hotel brand or property website.

“Hotels need to be able to reach consumers wherever they choose to shop, whether they prefer to book through an online travel agency or directly with the hotel,” says David Sjolander, vice president of product management and distribution services for Dallas-based Pegasus. “Our MSS enables hotels to provide consumers with this choice when they elect to conduct price comparisons using metasearch.”

Pegasus, the world’s largest processor of electronic hotel transactions, currently connects tens of thousands of hotels to the global distribution systems and online channels through the UltraDirect interface. UltraDirect connects metasearch engines to the central reservation systems of most worldwide hotel chains. MetaSearch Services leverages UltraDirect’s real-time access to updated rates and inventory, offering hotels the option to direct the actual booking directly to the hotel or chain site.

“The hotel industry is in the midst of a major transition in terms of the way travel is being distributed, shopped and sold,” Sjolander says. “We’re seeing the market evolve. Hotels require fresh solutions like MetaSearch Services that allow them to compete strategically in today’s market.”