Paris hotel to offer ‘green dinners’

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris will offer a series of “100% green dinners” at its La Bauhinia restaurant.

On Thursday, July 9, and the first Thursday of each month from September to December, La Bauhinia will present a five-course, vegetable-focused menu with dishes such as spring rolls made from watermelon stuffed with soup herbs; kasha and green vegetables en cocotte with almond milk; and strawberries scented with sangria. To accompany the menu, the restaurant will serve wines produced through biodynamic agriculture as well as teas, coffees and non-roasted cocoa beans hand-picked and distributed through fair-trade channels. Even the sugar on offer will be produced from organic sugar cane, agave syrup and coconut sugar.

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris’ suppliers also will join these events. A market gardener, wine grower or farmer will explain his or her approach while also learning about the preferences and tastes of La Bauhinia’s diners.