Meliá, Katmandu launching theme park resort

Katmandu Park, a Producciones de Parques theme park located in Mallorca, Spain, has joined forces with Meliá Hotels International to transform the Sol Magaluf Park hotel into Sol Katmandu Resort for 2013.

Guests will enjoy a variety of exclusive entertainment benefits in Katmandu Park including unlimited entry until 6pm on all ticketed attractions each day of their stay and a private gated entrance to the park from the hotel.

The theming of the hotel includes plans for special effects on the three facades of the hotel exterior and innovative architectural mapping encompassing the hotel’s entire northwestern façade for an evening event.

“We’re excited that our exclusive partnership with Meliá Hotels International will allow us to create Mallorca’s first resort concept experience for their hotel guests,” said Scott Demerau, Katmandu Park co-founder and head of Producciones de Parques.

The Sol-Katmandu alliance is part of the initiative that Meliá Hotels International announced in October 2011 to inaugurate a project in Calvià this summer. Known as “Calvià Beach Resort,” the hotel and leisure mega resort is aimed at transforming the Magaluf area.