Meet the new steak!

A new steak discovery dubbed the Vegas Strip was unveiled Tuesday for the first time exclusively at the Protein Innovation Summit, hosted by the Marketing & Technology Group, which includes HOTELS Magazine.

Discovered by Dr. Antonio Mate, president of Mata & Associates, North Richland Hills, Texas, the steak is comparable in tenderness to the New York Strip, and it’s easier to fabricate than the Flat Iron.

“Whenever we can take a muscle and turn it into a steak rather than grinding it or selling it as a roast, we are adding value to the carcass — and everybody from the farm to the table eventually benefits,” Mata said of the new cut that is compatible with current manufacturing practices.

“When I began looking at this steak as being feasible, I reached out to Executive Chef Rick Gresh (from David Burke’s Primehouse at The James Hotel, Chicago) who was very receptive to looking at the shapes and the forms, and he has provided great guidance and his expertise on portion size and different ways to cooking it,” Mata said.

The timing of its introduction is more than fortuitous. It comes at a time when foodservice operators are employing a new business model that translates into charging more per ounce while reducing the ounces on the plate — all while providing better margins for the processor.

“There are other cuts — such as this Vegas Strip steak — that likely are to outperform (the Flat Iron),” Gresh said of the latest cut’s taste and tenderness. But it also is ideal for the lunch crowd. “A couple of quick cuts, and it’s in and out of the pan in a couple of minutes. It’s just a minute or two longer than searing a scallop.”

Gresh added that the cut, which is patent pending, is easy to work with, does not require aging to optimize tenderness, cuts into medallions and smaller steaks, cooks quick and has forgiveness.

The new Vegas Strip steak
The new Vegas Strip steak