Marriott expands mobile check-in

Marriott Hotels, the signature brand of Marriott International, on Monday announced plans to expand this summer the rollout of mobile check-in at 325 hotels in the United States and Canada.

Through Marriott’s mobile app, all Marriott Rewards members can check-in after 4 p.m. the day before their arrival and will receive an automatic notification when their room is ready. Because credit card information is stored within their Marriott Rewards profiles, members walk up to the expedited mobile check-in desk where their pre-programmed key card will be waiting for them.

“Our frequent guests told us they wanted mobile check-in first, using their smartphones, to be widely available,” said Paul Cahill, senior vice president of brand management for Marriott Hotels.

Future innovations are currently being tested at Marriott’s “mobile incubator” hotels, including checkout and guest service requests. As the brand rapidly grows internationally, Marriott also plans to expand mobile guest services outside the United States and Canada.