M3’s hotel number 7000! 

M3, a cloud-based financial platform and services company operating in the U.S., has been experiencing a continuous growth which has made them hit the 7,000-hotel mark. This means that over 7,000 hotel properties have chosen M3’s services, which include back-office accounting, reporting, and labor solutions. 

Since its launch in 1998, M3 has perfected its services to guarantee time and cost savings for its customers. Over the past year and a half, over 100 hotel owners, operators, and third-party management companies have implemented M3’s hospitality-specific tools. Labor shortages and changing owner demands put a new focus on the need for advanced financial reporting and accounting, data management, forecasting, and accurate labor management. M3 is best positioned to put this information at a hotelier’s disposal through one provider.  

The pandemic created an opportunity for existing hotel companies to grow through mergers, acquisitions, and business alliances. This organic portfolio growth, along with M3’s new customer growth, has helped the company to exceed the 7,000 customers threshold. Presently, over half of the country’s major hotel management companies use M3’s services to manage vital day-to-day property operations.  

“In just two short years, we grew from 6,000 hotel properties served to over 7,000,” shares Scott Watson, chief sales & marketing officer for M3. Watson adds, “We do business on a handshake. M3 does not force customers to sign agreements, yet we are able to retain 95 out of every 100 customers we do business with. Our training, implementation, and support teams help position the customers we have for success, and our sales team continues to bring in new customers. That combination puts us in the advantageous position to grow exponentially.” M3,