‘In’gredients for 2013

In part two of hospitality consulting firm Andrew Freeman & Co.’s look at how U.S. hotel, restaurant, and marketing trends will shape the world of travel and hospitality in 2013, the focus is on food ingredients.

Here are the key influencers, according to Freeman & Co.:

Out on a Lamb – breast, riblets and belly
Examples: Lamb Belly with Labne and Orval-Brasied Beluga Lentils at Resto (New York City); Lamb Riblets with Tamarind Sauce from Plum Alley (Salt Lake City, Utah)

The Secret’s Out Pork Secreto is the hot spot of the pig
Example: Pork Secreto at The Purple Pig (Chicago)

Get your Freekah on
Example: Freekah risotto at Northern Spy Food Co. (New York City)

How Bulgar
Example: Pan seared trout over bulgur wheat tabbouleh at Ruxbin (Chicago)

Ricotta A Lotta (homemade, of course)
Example: Homemade ricotta garnishing gazpacho at Congress (Austin, Texas)

Show me some skin
Examples: chicken skin tacos at Woodshed Smokehouse (Fort Worth, Texas); Pig Skin Spaghetti at Incanto (San Francisco)

Heavy Necking
Examples: Poutine with chickpea fries, yogurt curds, and lamb neck gravy at Ink (Los Angeles); Massaman Curry braised goat nec at Kin Shop’s (New York City)

NO-dles – vegetable “noodles”
Example: Pan Roasted Snapper with Squash Noodles and Carbonara Sauce at Picán (Oakland, California)

Push-Pop Stars
Examples: Saint Cupcake (Portland, Oregon); Artisan ice cream push pops delivered by bicycle from Pop Cycle (Sacramento, California)

Who you calling Pig Headed?
Examples: Smoked roasted half pig head to share at Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q (Vancouver, Canada); Confit and Roasted Milk-Fed Pig Head for two at Craigie on Main (Cambridge, Massachusetts)