Hyatt hosts social media discussions to gain consumer insights

On Thursday Hyatt Hotels Corp. hosted The World’s Largest Focus Group, a series of online activities centered on the question, “How do YOU travel?”

Via discussions about travel on Twitter (#HyattWLFG) and Facebook, Hyatt aimed to gain consumer insights and ideas about new offerings, amenities and services in addition to engaging with guests in real time across the globe.

The World’s Largest Focus Group is the second phase of Hyatt’s 18-month listening exercise, which kicked off with more than 40 facilitated group discussions worldwide.

“We hope that by hosting this focus group, we’ll have the opportunity to further understand why our guests find certain services and amenities to be so crucial to their travel experience and how they travel today,” said Kristine Rose, vice president, brand experience, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. “By continuing to listen and react to feedback, we’ll position ourselves to successfully deliver experiences that are more personalized and tailored to our guests’ individual needs.”