Hotels in Eastern Europe post bounce-back April

EUROPE The hotel industry across Europe posted positive results in year-over-year metrics in April, with Eastern Europe rebounding especially strongly, according to STR Global data.

Europe’s April performance was impacted by Easter, which took place in mid-April this year, compared to beginning of the month last year. The region’s monthly performance also was affected by the volcanic eruption in April 2010 and its ash cloud that closed Europe airspace for parts of the month. These counter-forces on the monthly performance make April a difficult month to judge in isolation.

Looking on the longer-term trend, Europe has produced steadily-improving occupancy and ADR performances since March 2010.

Four Europe markets achieved occupancy increases of more than 20% year over year in April: Venice (33.2% to 79%), Budapest (24.3% to 69.1%), Prague (22.7% to 75.5%) and Florence (21.2% to 76.6%). Frankfurt posted the only double-digit occupancy decrease, falling 11.8% to 57.9%.

Salzburg (25.8% to €97.68) and Paris (16.7% to €219.91) reported the largest ADR increases for the month. Munich fell 34% in ADR to €93.08, reporting the largest decrease in that metric, followed by Düsseldorf, with a 21.7% decrease to €89.10.

Four markets experienced RevPAR increases of more than 25%: Venice (45.6% to €203.88), Florence (32.6% to €110.15), Paris (28.5% to €181.29) and Salzburg (27% to €59.38). Three markets reported RevPAR decreases of more than 20%: Munich (36.3% to €60.99), Düsseldorf (23.7% to €46.40) and Frankfurt (22.5% to €65.11).