Hilton Hotels adds ‘Resorts’ to name, amends logo

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA Hilton Worldwide announces a new identity for its flagship brand, adding “& Resorts” to the name and updating its logo accordingly.

The new identity for Hilton Hotels & Resorts is intended to more “holistically represent the brand’s extensive global portfolio,” which includes more than 70 resorts and more than 32,600 guestrooms in leisure markets around the world, plus 11 more in the pipeline. The new name is also meant to create a clearer distinction between corporate parent Hilton Worldwide and the hotel brand.

 “Generations of global travelers share a strong connection with our brand identity,” says Dave Horton, global head of the Hilton Hotels & Resorts brand. “Our name and core mark are both recognizable and incredibly powerful. This evolution reflects the modern style and world-class resorts that define our brand today.”

The logo change continues an enhanced leisure marketing strategy for the brand. Earlier this year, Hilton introduced a global advertising campaign using the tagline “Stay Hilton. Go Everywhere.” The campaign calls special attention to signature Hilton resorts, while entertainment industry integrations have placed Hilton properties on popular television shows like Bravo’s “Top Chef.”

A global consumer research study conducted as part of the logo refresh indicated strong awareness of the signature “Hilton cartouche” and association of the symbol with highly positive brand attributes. The contemporary design is the first change to the iconic brand’s logo since 1998.

Design features of the refreshed logo include changing the royal blue color to a more “sophisticated,” darker blue, and the use of a slightly different custom font. Additionally, a smaller cartouche—the circular wrap around the Hilton “H”—is intended to look more modern and place more of an emphasis on the Hilton name.

The new Hilton logo