Europe’s average hotel rates fall in June

EUROPE The hotel industry across Europe has seen room rates decline this month, with the average guestroom costing about £4 less in June than in May.

The average guestroom across Europe costs £113, according to discount OTA Of the 50 markets surveyed by the OTA, 35 have seen overnight costs fall this month, and 11 of those have seen rates fall at least 10%.

Conversely, hotel prices in the UK are higher compared to last month, with several cities reaching their highest price in many months. Edinburgh, up 6% to £132, is at its highest point since August, when rates reached £178 per night. Cardiff (up 21% to £106) and Manchester (up 8% to £107) are also at their highest points since last year. Only three UK cities have experienced any significant pricing reductions in June: Liverpool (down 5% to £88), Newcastle (down 5% to £91) and Birmingham (down 7% to £73).

Europe’s most expensive cities this month are Geneva (£273), Venice (£208), London (£181), Paris (£167) and Stockholm (£159).

Leisure travelers heading to major city destinations across Europe will find better deals than in previous months. In Brussels, ADR has fallen 14% to £112, while Barcelona’s rates are down 10% to £123. In Istanbul, the cost of a standard double room is £126—8% less than in May.