Europe hotel rates highest since 2008

EUROPE The average price of a standard double guestroom in Europe’s 50 most popular destinations this month reached £117—the highest average since October 2008.

Prices rose in 47 of Europe’s top 50 cities, and a weaker exchange rate makes travel to the rest of the continent even more expensive for British travelers, according to data from travel metasearch site In the UK, prices remained steady with the exception of Edinburgh, where rates rose 15%.

In Cannes, prices climbed 29% month over month in May to £141. The neighboring city of Nice (£118) similarly saw a price climb of 22%. In Turin (£119), travelers are paying 28% more than in April, while visitors to Barcelona can expect hotel rates to rise by 21% to £136. Geneva (up 14% to £224) and Venice (up 15% to £209) are Europe’s most expensive hotel markets in May.

Continuing last month’s trend, UK prices have remained largely steady despite the significant changes in hotel rates experienced throughout the rest of Europe. The cities of Blackpool (£67), Glasgow (£82) and Bristol (£92) rose 1% from last month. Cardiff rose 4% to £87, while Newcastle rates fell 3% to £96, and Liverpool prices dropped 5% to £92. London rates rose 8% to £168 per night—a modest increase compared to previous months. Edinburgh was the only UK city to experience any significant price climbs, registering at £125 (up 15%). In contrast, Sheffield (£68) fell 11%, and Manchester (£67) dropped 32%.