Europe hotel metrics post strong November gains

EUROPE The hotel industry in Europe posted mostly positive results in year-over-year metrics in November, according to data compiled by STR Global.

Istanbul achieved the largest occupancy increase during the month, rising 18.1% to 71%, followed by Vienna (15.2% to 74.4%) and Prague (15% to 58.2%). Athens posted the only double-digit occupancy decrease, falling 13.3% to 51.7%.

Zürich experienced Europe’s largest ADR increase, rising 25.8% to €188.99, followed by Tel Aviv (25.4% to €171.19) and Münich (24.6% to €112.23). Budapest fell 7.5% in ADR to €58.83, reporting the largest decrease in that metric.

Three markets reported RevPAR increases of more than 35%: Istanbul (42.6% to €103.18), Münich (37.8% to €80.32) and Tel Aviv (37.8% to €136.31).

Athens posted Europe’s largest RevPAR decrease, falling 15.3% to €51.21.