Conrad Macao offers tea-pairing menu

Dynasty 8 at Conrad Macao is offering a menu of Chinese delicacies paired with specially selected Chinese teas until December 22.

The menu, created by Master Chef Wong Man, includes:

  • Wok-fried crystal prawns with black truffles paired with chilled, plum-infused Longjing tea
  • Canadian beef shortribs braised in sake paired with pu-erh tea
  • Yin and Yang abalone with five grains paired with jasmine tea
  • Desserts such as milk tea ice cream and Osmanthus jelly paired with organic rose lychee black tea

“For me, cooking is all about the art of taking ordinary ingredients and turning them into something extraordinary,” Man said. “An enjoyable and important part of that is discovering which dishes and beverages complement each other, enhancing the unique flavors of each. That’s why it has been a delight designing this limited-time tea-pairing menu for Dynasty 8.”