Centara Hotels launches career training for underprivileged youth

BANGKOK Centara Hotels & Resorts has launched a training program intended to provide youngsters from underprivileged homes with career opportunities within the group.

Centara Career Creation for Children is a five-month course in which the students undergo classroom and practical training in the areas of kitchen, food and beverage and housekeeping. Upon successful completion of the course, students are given the opportunity to become full-time employees at Centara properties.

“This project is intended for children who graduate from the public welfare schools at grade 12 but do not have sufficient financial support to continue their education at university level,” says Gerd Steeb, president of Bangkok-based Centara. “In setting up the course, we have visited welfare schools in many provinces in Thailand to have discussions with teachers and students. We have found there are many instances where there is pressure on students to discontinue their education and get whatever work they can to help support their families. Many of them are lured into improper activities.

“Centara has, therefore, launched this project to give young people an opportunity to develop themselves in terms of knowledge and skills in a hospitality career and simultaneously earn a living,” Steeb says.

Thailand’s Ministry of Labor is offering financial support for the program. Students are given a daily allowance, a uniform, three meals and accommodation. Mentors are tasked with monitoring individual students.

Participating students are selected based on financial eligiblility and demonstration of readiness and willingness to work in hospitality industry.

The first batch of students, 117 in total, has recently begun on the first training program.