Best Western launches travel-planning iPad app

PHOENIX Best Western International has launched an iPad-specific version of its free Best Western To Go application, which allows users to share travel experiences and pictures with loved ones and friends along the way via email or Facebook. The app also includes hotel search and mobile booking functionality.

Users can create itineraries to help with travel planning by inputting addresses of attractions and restaurants nearby and using the GPS-enabled map to navigate through the area. The app’s trip-saver tool allows users to save past or future trips, including favorite locations visited traveling—from a shopping venue to a convenient parking spot.

Other features include:

  • Photo and Description Capabilities: Add pictures and additional information to help remember and share details about saved locations
  • Organization: Categorize and sort saved locations by city, trip name, location type to easily reference in the future
  • Visibility: The increased screen size allows for more location icons to be displayed on the map, easing navigation and planning.

A similar but limited version of the app is also available for the Android operating system.