Asia Pacific tops June global pipeline: STR Global

Asia Pacific continued to dominate the global hotel pipeline in June, according to new data from STR Global.

The Asia Pacific hotel development pipeline comprises 1,625 hotels totaling 374,604 rooms.

Among the chain scale segments, the upscale segment reported the largest number of rooms in the total active pipeline with 25.7% and 96,274 rooms. Three other segments each accounted for 15% of rooms in the total active pipeline or more: the upper upscale segment, at 23.8% with 89,325 rooms, the luxury segment, at 18.6% with 69,812 rooms and the unaffiliated segment, at 15% with 56,184 rooms.

Three segments each made up more than 20% of rooms under construction: the upper upscale segment at 28.8% with 63,180 rooms, the upscale segment, at 24.7% with 54,307 rooms and the luxury segment at 20.6% with 45,234 rooms.


The Europe hotel development pipeline comprises 902 hotels totaling 145,093 rooms.

Among the countries in the region, the United Kingdom ended the month with the largest number of rooms under construction with 8,743 rooms.

Five other countries reported more than 2,000 rooms in the in construction phase: Russia with 7,453 rooms, Germany with 5,169 rooms, Turkey with 4,869 rooms, Italy with 2,617 rooms and the Netherlands with 2,407 rooms.

Middle East/Africa

The Middle East/Africa hotel development pipeline comprises 506 hotels totaling 129,077 rooms.

Among the key markets in the region, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, reported the largest number of rooms in the In Construction phase with 11,307 rooms.  Four other markets ended the month with more than 1,000 rooms under construction: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, with 5,658 rooms, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with 4,474 rooms, Cairo with 2,209 rooms and Amman, Jordan with 1,719 rooms.

Central/South America

The Central/South America hotel development pipeline comprises 227 hotels totaling 32,242 rooms.

Among the region’s countries, Panama reported the largest expected room growth at 38.9% if all 5,592 rooms in its total active pipeline open. Other markets to report a significant expected room growth: Paraguay at 38.2% with 796 rooms, Colombia at 19.5% with 3,705 rooms, Uruguay at 11.1% with 529 rooms and Nicaragua at 8.4% with 330 rooms. 


The Caribbean/Mexico hotel development pipeline comprises 135 hotels totaling 19,749 rooms.

Among the region’s countries, Mexico reported the largest number of rooms under construction with 32 properties and 4,304 rooms. Other countries to report a significant number of rooms in the in construction phase: the Dominican Republic with 11 properties with 1,735 rooms, the Bahamas with two properties with 510 rooms, Aruba with one property with 320 rooms and Puerto Rico with two properties with 265 rooms.