Asia Pacific pipeline continues to dominate

STR Global has released global hotel development pipeline numbers for October 2011 with — not surprisingly — Asia Pacific far outdistancing any other region outside the United States, with 1,373 hotels totaling 327,630 rooms under development.

Among the region’s markets, New Delhi ended the month with the largest expected growth (46.3%) if all 10,477 rooms in the active pipeline open. Other markets to report a significant growth in existing supply: Manila (30%, with 5,523 rooms), Mumbai (22.5%, with 4,185 rooms); Bali (19.3%, with 6,257 rooms) and Jakarta (17.3%, with 4,541 rooms).

The Europe hotel development pipeline comprises 841 hotels totaling 134,437 rooms. Year to date, 207 properties have opened in the region, with 30,579 rooms. In the remainder of 2011, 72 more properties are expected to open, with 10,494 rooms. The majority of the new rooms will be in the upscale segment (15 properties, with 2,521 rooms) and the economy segment (17 properties, with 2,327 rooms).

In 2012, Europe is expecting 298 properties to open, with 49,047 rooms.

The Middle East/Africa hotel development pipeline comprises 471 hotels totaling 128,969 rooms. The upper upscale segment accounted for the largest portion of rooms in the pipeline with 31.3% and 40,411 rooms.

The Caribbean/Mexico hotel development pipeline comprises 134 hotels totaling 19,139 rooms. Among the region’s countries, Mexico reported the largest number of rooms under construction, with 6,604 rooms. Other countries to report a significant number of rooms under construction: the Dominican Republic (1,584 rooms), the Bahamas (1,233 rooms), Aruba (320 rooms) and Puerto Rico (265 rooms).

The Central/South America hotel development pipeline comprises 198 hotels totaling 28,905 rooms. Panama City reported the largest number of rooms under construction, with 4,118 rooms. Three other markets reported significant numbers of rooms under construction: Bogota, Colombia (452 rooms); San Jose, Costa Rica (395 rooms); and Lima, Peru (231 rooms).

Reported earlier this month, the U.S. pipeline comprises 2,835 projects totaling 310,387 rooms. This represents a 9% decrease in the number of rooms in the active pipeline compared to October 2010.

Construction is starting on the Protea Hotel Entebbe on Lake Victoria's Ugandan shore.
Construction is starting on the Protea Hotel Entebbe on Lake Victoria’s Ugandan shore.