Asia Pac, Europe top pipeline figures: STR Global

Asia Pacific and Europe have the largest share of the global hotel development pipeline, according to the January 2012 STR Global Construction Pipeline Report.

Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific hotel development pipeline comprises 1,479 hotels totaling 359,753 rooms.

Among the region’s countries, China ended the month with the most rooms under construction with 141,177. Five other countries reported more than 5,000 rooms under construction: India with 28,769 rooms; Thailand with 8,807 rooms; Vietnam with 7,957 rooms; Malaysia with 7,479 rooms; and Indonesia with 6,762 rooms.


The Europe hotel development pipeline comprises 866 hotels totaling 139,700 rooms.

Among the key markets in the region, London ended January with the most rooms under construction with 4,638 rooms. Five other markets reported more than 1,000 rooms under construction: Moscow with 2,228 rooms; Berlin with 1,671 rooms; Amsterdam with 1,246 rooms; Vienna with 1,184 rooms; and Stockholm with 1,064 rooms.

Middle East/Africa

The Middle East/Africa hotel development pipeline comprises 495 hotels totaling 131,981 rooms.

Among the countries in the region, Qatar reported the largest expected growth of 69.9% if all 7,340 rooms in the country’s total active pipeline open. Five other countries are expected to grow more than 40% if all rooms in the active pipeline open: Oman at 68.8% with 4,504 rooms, Saudi Arabia at 54% with 25,398 rooms, United Arab Emirates at 48% with 44,056 rooms, Algeria at 41.2% with 1,691 rooms and Kuwait at 40.6% with 2,504 rooms.

Central/South America

The Central/South America hotel development pipeline comprises 202 hotels totaling 30,002 rooms.

In January, the region opened one project with 95 rooms. For the remainder of 2012, the region is expected to open 67 properties with 10,948 rooms. During 2013, the region is projected to open 82 properties with 12,415 rooms.

Three segments are expecting to open more than 2,000 rooms in the remainder of 2012: the midscale segment with 2,897 rooms, the upscale segment with 2,764 rooms, and the upper upscale segment with 2,491 rooms.


The Caribbean/Mexico hotel development pipeline comprises 128 hotels totaling 17,771 rooms.

Among the chain scale segments, the upscale segment accounted for the largest portion of rooms in the total active pipeline at 23.6% with 4,186 rooms. Two other segments each made up more than 20% of rooms in the total active pipeline: the upper midscale segment at 22.8% with 4,055 rooms and the luxury segment at 20.3% with 3,604 rooms.

The unaffiliated segment at 33.2% with 3,046 rooms and the luxury segment at 22.7% with 2,078 each accounted for the largest number of rooms under construction in the region.