Accor grows internal sustainability efforts

Accor, Paris, is expanding its internal sustainability efforts with new training modules, by linking bonuses for top management to sustainable development challenges, adding ongoing workspace flexibility and by offering to finance green travel options.

Accor is launching School For Change training for employees with access to a content platform and a training path focused on the fundamentals of climate change. This aims to improve individuals’ understanding of the causes of climate change and facilitates the sharing of solutions to create positive change at every level of the organization. The course, which lasts for more than three hours, forms part of the annual targets and bonuses of all headquarter employees, 90% of which will have completed this training by the end of 2022.

Accor is also giving all employees the option to work remotely, irrespective of their status (except for senior executives), contract or responsibilities, for a maximum of 12 remote working days per month. It added that 72% of employees say they are less tired when working remotely.

It has also created SEED (Saving the Environment Every Day), an environment focused group open to all employees, to share best practices, stay informed, and motivate and inspire each other to take practical action in both their work and daily lives.

Accor is also encouraging the use of greener modes of transport, using a program to make bikes available to staff based at its headquarters. Employees can choose a traditional, folding or electric bike from 300-plus models and have most of the monthly leasing, insurance and maintenance costs co-financed by Accor. It said 30 minutes of daily cycling keeps the body active and saves the equivalent of 1.9kg CO2 when compared with driving.