Yule Log: Unbelievable rivalry this year in Paris

As you probably all know, what we call “bûche de Noël” in French-speaking countries has several interpretations when it comes to its origin. The most accepted version is that it is reminiscent of an old tradition consisting of putting a log (“bûche” in French) in the open fire on December 21 (Yule fest) to celebrate the winter solstice. The log was supposed to last until the New Year, to bring luck… This tradition has been continued by sharing a Yule Log cake, as a dessert, traditionally in the shape of a log.

In recent years, this traditional dessert lost more and more of its original shape to become highly creative and technical (sometimes, I must say, losing focus on the taste, but this is a different topic). In October and November, every foodie, blogger and reader of fashion magazines anxiously awaits the new collection, like haute couture.

The purpose of this post is not to give you an exhaustive list of all the “beauties” seen in Paris this year, but rather to trigger your curiosity and imagination.

And don’t forget that in a palace or 5-star hotel, these cakes are limited to only a few that are used more to demonstrate technical skills and creativity, to lure the media and finally to only give satisfaction to a few clients. So when you see one of these in a boutique (like the one of J.P. Hévin, below), then our respect should be even higher!

The latest creation of Christophe Michalak, always innovative and not taking himself too seriously, and obviously very far from a traditional Yule Log Cake look (ingredients: biscuit with pecan nut, mousse of maple sirop, raspberry/blueberry confit).

Amazing creation of Jean-Paul Hévin, in the shape of a Yule log but revisited with a “bag” look, always chic and elegant with JPH (ingredients: dark chocolate biscuit, “grand cru” chocolate mousse, crunchy streusel, also of course with chocolate).

From Shangri-La Paris, Chef Michaël Bartocetti, a pure illustration of what I’ve called a Palace Yule Log , highly technical, creative and simply amazing (ingredients: nuts and crispy rice coated with a vanilla mousse and a touch of orange blossom; almond and hazelnut biscuit inside, caramel and a touch of lemon).