You’re getting dressed anyway …

You might as well look GREAT!

When you were getting dressed this morning, did you bypass one of your really good shirts because today you weren’t going to see a customer? Did you put on the more comfortable shoes that were perhaps a little dusty because you had to walk to a sales appointment today? Each day there are certain things that we need to do to get ready for work in the hospitality industry. One of these is to get dressed.

While I can’t provide specific details for the ladies, I can offer some suggestions that I’ve received in the past from “fashion mentors”:

  • Polish your shoes as often as necessary for them to be clean.
  • Wear a white undershirt beneath a white dress shirt to make it look even brighter.
  • Consider using pocket squares to enhance your appearance.
  • Get your hair cut often enough to look manageable. In between cuts, ensure that you self trim any neck hair with a razor.
  • Be neatly shaved.
  • Ensure that your suit fits you and is tailored properly.
  • Wear socks that stay up and match.
  • Learn how to iron wrinkled ties.  

Is it cooler to have a five o’clock shadow for an interview than to have a job? 

Do you have any other suggestions for both men and women on tips that you’ve received about enhancing your professional appearance?