You’d be perfect for this job!

You?d be perfect for this job!

It is always flattering to feel wanted by other companies. When recruiters are hunting for candidates, most of the communication usually arrives using a non-direct approach like, “if you happen to know anyone.”

My old college classmate received a message like this last week delivered via a voicemail: “Brian, I have a perfect job for you to consider. It is an entry-level sales manager position based in Arkansas with a starting salary of $35,000.” 

While part of him was appreciative of the call, the other part was a little offended. First, with 23 years experience, he certainly is qualified for positions beyond entry level. Second, he has been residing in the Denver area for the greater part of 14 years with no ties to Arkansas. Third, many hospitality professionals with more than 20 years of management experience make more than $35,000 a year.

Do we do the same thing when soliciting new customers? Do we call customers that have never held meetings at a luxury resort in Florida when we are indeed representing a luxury resort in Florida? Are we trying to promote a steak buffet to a group of attendees who are vegans?

Research as much as possible about organizations before calling. If only the recruiter who called my old classmate had done the same.