You as author

What if you were to write a book about your business? How would you want it to turn out? 

At the present time, I happen to be writing a book, albeit a very different genre from what people are familiar with. What I love about “authoring” is writers have the option to make things turn out as they want them to in terms of characters, timeline, plot, etc. I got to thinking … we are all authors of our lives. What if we spent as much time writing the story of our lives in terms of how we want it to turn out? Or, let’s take a look at something less sensitive than your whole life: business.

First, what you need for a book is vision. (Life, too … ) Let’s say you are a general manager and want to become the VP of operations of your company. What’s your process?

Obviously, it would be beneficial to tell someone who can make a difference, but I think it’s worth looking at your “role” in making desired outcomes occur. For instance:

  • What leadership ability do you want to be known for? Are you excelling at it so people notice?
  • Are the characters (er, associates) around you really making you look good? In other words, do you have the results you want from each department? It’s a book, so if not, how might you change that?
  • Do you have characters who are dragging the story along? If so, you may never get to the ending you want — in which case, who is writing the story — you or the characters?
  • Is there a chapter in the book where you land a colossal deal? What would you have to have done for that client to move that piece of business from another company to yours?
  • What would you have to say about some of your own habits that might inhibit the success you are after? Well, every book needs tension.

I think we first need to see the future we want to determine the path we take.

In my vision of the future, I am sending you autographed copies, can’t keep up with the demand and have my pick of the best organizations to work with. 

So, my plot thickens. Do I have what it takes to write the ending I want? Do you?