WRS: Will reply soon

Why didn’t you respond to my message yet? Are you okay? Did your computer crash? Have you been traveling? Did I upset you with the request?

I really needed to get a response and even picked up the phone to call you. There is no way for me to know if you received my phone message. I even thought about attaching a “read receipt” request for all of my emails, but I didn’t want to make you click another button.

We are all busy and have limited amounts of time to get things done. In a perfect world, you shouldn’t have to wait on a response from anyone, but things happen. Does your to-do list get longer, not only with your activities, but also with the tasks awaiting replies from others?

Could we acknowledge future messages and create a new standard that is concise yet professional by simply typing “WRS”? Would it be acceptable to send this to clients, or should you use it only for internal purposes? The three simple keystrokes — perhaps four if you hit the “caps lock” button — could save time and create greater efficiencies.

MPD: Reply to all messages to alert others that you received them and are working on a reply.