What if you didn’t have to spend more for sustainability? You really don’t have to. In fact all you have to do is change your perspective. Instead of focusing on what you lose by implementing sustainability strategies, or how much they might cost, look for solutions that create a win-win-win. Trust me, you have plenty of these opportunities. 

Win: A win for the economic performance of your organization

Win: A win for your community and employees

Win: A win for the environment. 

Win-win-win is what sustainability should be about, but it has become about spending more on products that appear better for the environment. That is a losing proposition and not sustainable. The fear that guests will lose comfort and amenities has kept the industry from investing in health, wellness, and improved experience for the guests.

Here is the idea: Instead of addressing sustainability through a lens of scarcity, consider that there are an abundance of resources in every building. They simply need to be harnessed in a smart and effective way. This abundance thinking drives innovation, experience, and smart ideas that can unearth the hidden potential in every hotel. 

Let me give you a real-world example: laundry. Sustainability doesn’t have to stop at reducing the volume of towels and linens being laundered each day. Laundry facilities are hot. The abundance of heat from the laundry can provide free pre-heat for other systems such as mechanical heating or reheating the dryers. By harnessing the abundance of heat, the hotel saves money, the housekeeping team has a cooler space to work, less energy is used, and less carbon emitted. There are thousands of abundance opportunities all around every hotel. By looking for the win-win-win, you can unearth and opportunities to save money, improve the guest experience and support environmentally friendly practices.

Engage the entire hotel staff in hunting down these opportunities by starting a competition for the best “abundance idea,” or the idea that saves the most money or the most time. Sometimes the best abundance opportunities can be found by looking at a list of your biggest challenges. Turn challenges into wins. Get your team members fired up about sustainability and empower them to create real tangible differences in the place where they work.

Not sure how to find your abundance story? Share your biggest challenges in the comments and we will provide some new ideas for you.