Why hoteliers leave their jobs

Why hoteliers leave their jobs

Earlier this week a colleague presented the top reasons why individuals leave their jobs.  He summarized the information from an article from the Chicago Job Resource. The majority of the reasons behind fleeing employees dealt with communication and recognition. The solution for retention almost always included “talking.”

Reason for leaving: No one asked them to stay
Solution: Talk to them one-on-one

Reason for leaving: No one asked them what motivates them
Solution: Talk to them one-on-one

Reason for leaving: They feel isolated and “in the dark” 
Solution: Increase communications with your employees

I started my day very early this morning by getting a coffee with my wife. The most amazing thing was occurring at this Starbucks in Sterling, Virginia. There was a group of eight hearing impaired individuals gathered at one table communicating via sign language. At another table, there was one gentleman, using a Web video to communicate with sign language to a friend in another city.

It became very clear that clear communication in our society is the key to success. If the person using the Web camera did not have a solid Internet connection, his visual communication would not be clear. Is pressure or stress at work preventing our communication from being clear to our co-workers?

With all of us trying to accomplish so much with so little, it is critical that we remember to have open and honest dialogue with our colleagues, clients, and even family members. Even when words are not spoken, communication is the key.