Where do your employees park?

Do your employees park in front of your building, or do they park in the farthest-away corner to reserve the best spots for the customers?

Do you allow them to smoke in front of your establishment so every potential customer has to walk through their cloud of smoke? At what point does the inconvenience of employees take precedence over the needs of your clients? 

A month ago, I was on a very empty domestic flight. My colleague was able to get upgraded to first class, and she felt bad for me, as I was still located in the first row of the economy section. While there were plenty of seats available in first class, my status did not warrant such gifts for the day. An “off the clock,” uniformed flight attendant boarded last and was taken directly to a first class seat by the flight attendant on duty. It was very apparent that she was going to be well taken care of by her co-workers and her company. 

Was this the right thing to do for an employee that was clearly dressed as an employee? I personally believe that how companies treat their employees is critically important to the organization’s overall success, but in this situation something seemed wrong.

In the hotel business, an employee simply needs to take off their name badge, and they fade into a normal customer. In addition, other guests would not know if an employee was given the best suite or the worst room. I’ve also been in restaurants before, during off-peak hours, when servers and chefs would eat at the tables next to customers.

So, where will your employees be parking next week?

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