When your name replaces a color

If you search “pink” on Google, you have to scroll several pages before you discover any links related to the actual color. You will find, however, pages and pages about the American singer-songwriter Alecia Beth Moore, better known by her stage name, Pink.

What does this say about our culture when a color is replaced by a performer for its definition? The performer Pink has been able to make such an impact on today’s society that even the images that appear in an Internet search show her photos before the color.

If I were to search your name in Wikipedia, what would you want it to say about the impact you’re making on the world? Can you create a better environment for your employees? Can you contribute to a healthier situation for your family? Can you donate your time to help others in need?

You may want to hurry, depending on your ambitions, and consider a name change, as “purple” still refers to the color on the web!

Each of my future postings will offer a “Most People Don’t” life lesson/directive. By doing what others are not doing, you will be able to differentiate yourself and help contribute to a better world! 

“MPD (Most People Don’t): Direct your efforts outward to enrich the lives of others.”