When you don’t respond

When you don’t respond

I learned a valuable lesson over the past 12 months involving e-mail etiquette. Many of us receive upwards of 200 e-mails a day, and we all know how challenging it can be to respond to each and every message. 

A colleague of mine solved this problem in a rather simple way. When she receives a message, she responds with a quick “thanks” or “received.” If the message poses a question that she doesn’t have time to answer immediately, she responds that she has received the message and will research shortly. In this manner, senders don’t have to worry their messages are going unread. When you don’t respond, even when you receive the message, the sender may come to the conclusion that you haven’t even taken the time to open the document.

The same holds true for blog postings. When I don’t receive a posted comment, I’m making the assumption that the blog was not read. Hopefully this will create enough guilt to post a quick comment back!