When it’s unexpected

When it’s unexpected

Send a gift when it isn’t someone’s birthday.

Do the unexpected.

The standards for “expected” have decreased to the point where simply doing the expected is a bonus. My suggestion is to do the unexpected.

Customers may expect a holiday card and a gift in December to show appreciation for their business. Send them a gift in January after all of the other expressions of thanks have already arrived. Usually an office can only eat so much cheese and caramel popcorn in a month.

My sister was diagnosed with colon cancer a few weeks ago. My wife bought her an early Valentine’s Day card and enclosed a pair of pink, fuzzy socks for her to wear during her treatments. It was a “wow” and even prompted a thank-you phone call from a relative who doesn’t phone often.

Our team held a wine-tasting event in January to celebrate the new year, and 13 out of 14 guests who were invited were able to attend, since our gathering did not conflict with 11 other holiday parties.

When was the last time you sent a “just because” gift card to a friend? When someone comes to mind, take the time, send a note or an email, or even make a quick phone call. I was in Chicago last week, and it reminded me of my buddy who was very kind in incorporating me into his town when I knew no one there. I called him to simply say hello and to tell him that I appreciated his friendship when we both lived there.

My daughter’s softball coach is very committed to teaching skills and positive sportsmanship for his team. His own daughter is on the team, and another mom noticed he never had the time to take a picture of his own kid during the games, as he was always preoccupied with his coaching duties. One parent took some action shots and had them framed at the end of the year as a thank-you gift. He said the thoughtfulness really touched him.

Do you have a neighbor who is going through some tough times? Buy them a cupcake and put it on their front doorstep. Have an extra pizza delivered from Papa John’s on a Tuesday night for $5 more, and surprise your dog walker. 

See what happens when you deliver the unexpected!