What’s your signature?

How does a resort distinguish its spa offerings from those of franchise salons and other resorts and ultimately stand out in guests’ minds? After all, every spa offers a deep tissue, a Swedish and a custom massage, since these are the workhorse treatments of the industry, especially with business travelers who have tension built up from the rigors of traveling. However, a signature treatment becomes associated with your spa, a reason guests return and certainly something they will talk about.

Vacationing guests have more time to spend in the spa and are more apt to try something they haven’t tried before. So how will your spa stand out? Perhaps most intriguing are signature treatments that incorporate indigenous plants or flowers, gemstones or aromatherapy — just to name a few. Our spa in Sedona, Arizona, recently introduced a treatment called “Spirit of the New Moon” inspired by Native American culture, earth elements and local ingredients like sage. The important part is that guests get to experience a treatment designed around their specific needs, creating an experience that is unique to them.

It’s important to brainstorm something new, unusual or unique that cannot be found anywhere else. For example, Mii amo spa was the first in the United States to have a WaveMotion table, and for almost a year the spa was the only place a guest could experience it. The newness of this exclusive experience accounted for an increase in treatments sold. Unusual treatments that aren’t often seen elsewhere pique guests’ attention and are an opportunity to introduce them to something new. A guest may have heard of modalities like cranial-sacral therapy or body wraps but never tried a Prickly Pear Butter Wrap, a signature at Mii amo.

The best travel memories are made up of a series of perfect moments, which ultimately can create a loyal fan. Make your signature spa experience one of those moments.