What’s your signature?

The Sacher in Vienna has its torte, Raffles has its Singapore Sling and numerous other hotels have created signature items that become synonymous with the brand. It gives the hotel identity and something for guests to remember, and that is why I love the story that broke earlier this week about Ritz-Carlton launching “The Cake.” It is simple, decadent and gives the brand yet another story — only this one is tangible and no doubt will act as a great marketing tool more than worth its weight in gold.

The Cake, which looks delicious — I can’t wait to get my hands on one — was chosen from a contest among Ritz-Carlton chefs. Frederic Barasse, head pastry chef at The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner in Virginia, created all the final entries, which were judged by Ritz-Carlton executives. The winner: a sponge cake created by Chef Yusuke Aoki from Toronto. It is a mix of dark Valrhona and ilk Majari and Jivara chocolates, layered with two stripes of bitter caramel and two of orange ganache, made from candied fruit and Grand Marnier. Here’s a little video to explain more.

The Cake is built to travel so, of course, it can be purchased to go. It comes wrapped in a cool box with “The Cake” embossed on the side and a white ribbon. It is available for order or pick-up for US$40-US$45 at 85 hotels around the world, and soon it will be marketed online.

So sophisticated. So smart. What a great idea. Bravo!