What if?

What if?

Very soon, I am off to Scandinavia to work with a great hotel. As I put together the plan for our week together, I am completely inspired by what is possible. I love “business NOT as usual.” 

This hotel already has a strong leader in place. What makes her even stronger than her recent results and metrics is her vision. When I arrive, we are going to generate great conversations for new actions and behaviors, and I anticipate the impact on the hotel and all it touches to be profound.  

The three areas of development we will focus on are distinction, happiness (people being amazing with people) and new metrics.


  • Improve market position and profitability
  • Develop people personally and professionally 
  • Retain good people over the long haul
  • Emotion causes people to buy
  • Change what’s possible in the realm of hospitality
  • Reinvent what guest loyalty feels like
  • Improve lives
These days, a lot of us are fed up on many levels with political and economic directions — it has always been easy to complain, blame and point fingers. Here’s a question: Beyond voting to make a dent in things, what if it is actually up to each one of us to make a difference? What if YOU are the one? Think about it:
  • What if families are a microcosm of what is reflected in our world today? What would you change?
  • What if the way you conduct business is a reflection of the way things are in the world at large?
  • What if positions and job titles, while convenient, are actually obstacles to greater results?
  • What if everything we do is a reflection of who we ultimately are, and vice versa?
  • What if being right and safe weren’t all they were cracked up to be (ask Helen Keller)?
  • What if accountability and responsibility were written into position descriptions?
  • What if you are not in the business you think you are in?
Once we were told the world was flat because that is how it appeared (still does unless you live near a mountain). Once we were told the sun revolved around us because that’s the way it looked at sunset.  

It may also be discovered one day that it was YOU all along. Let’s all step it up a bit just in case.