What I will miss most

Almost five years ago, I was fortunate to have the chance to take over the managing editor position at HOTELS. A couple years after that, I launched this blog as I was covering a lot of F&B for the magazine and website, and it became a particular interest of mine.

Recently I was offered an exciting opportunity to take on a writer/editor role for a large corporation in the insurance industry, and I decided to make the move. It was not an easy choice, as I have greatly enjoyed my current job, but I’m confident this will be a good change for me.

Since this is my last week here at HOTELS, I have been doing a lot of reflection about what I will miss most when it comes to covering this tremendous industry, particularly on the F&B side. I could make a very long list, but instead I focused on the top three things.

1. Unique ideas

I started this blog with the premise that F&B is, essentially, a form of entertainment, and that idea has been supported again and again thanks to concepts ranging from “food on the move” to the marriage of beef and tea

2. Commitment to the highest quality

On so many fronts, hoteliers always are pushing to offer the very best to their guests, and those efforts are especially evident in F&B. It’s so encouraging, for example, to see the innovative ways hotel chefs are using and even making their own hyper-local, super-fresh, top-quality ingredients. Even in areas not known for standing out in terms of quality — ahem, in-room coffee — hotels are coming up with interesting new ideas. 

3. Great people

Of course, people are the heart of any industry, and not surprisingly, hospitality has an abundance of truly awesome individuals. Whether it’s up-and-coming young chefs or a woman leading the way in the expanding concept of “foraging,” the people blazing trails in hotel F&B have inspired me as I pursue my own professional endeavors.

I hope this post, as well as this blog overall, has highlighted for you all the great things about this segment of the industry. It has been an honor to write here. Thank you for reading.