What do hospitality professors do during the summer?

Some of my industry colleagues held a misconception that teachers idle about all summer enjoying beaches and spritzers. Whereas the academic’s daily routine may be less hectic than when we are in the throes of a semester, the summers of faculty are not all sun, sea and sand.

During the summer, most academicians conduct research, frantically write up articles for publication, edit and respond to reviewers critiques, review journal submissions for publication, convene at conferences to share research findings, continue collaborations with like-minded faculty at other institutions, administer and or author grant applications, and improve their teaching techniques by attending workshops and earning certifications. Most faculty are undertaking many of the above in the few short weeks post spring commencement. Much of this is in service to the profession and institution (unfunded and unpaid). Some faculty also complete internships with industry, work in the field to expand their knowledge, and consult with companies seeking research and training expertise. These tasks are done in addition to preparing for new courses, revising previous courses, teaching summer intensives, and hopefully scheduling necessary R&R.

Hundreds of hospitality and tourism faculty and researchers in schools around the world gather at the annual International Council on Hospitality, Restaurant, and Institutional Education’s Conference (ICHRIE), one of three meetings produced by ICHRE during the year. The agenda is packed with a training academy in three distinct areas (teaching, research, and leadership), presentations on research in several formats, workshops and seminars, meetings of special interest groups on sub-fields, meetings of journal editors and member chapters, as well as a sessions with industry practitioners, talent recruiter, and of course, headline keynote speakers drawn from some of today’s leading industry executives.

This summer, ICHRIE members gathered in Orlando, Florida, for four days for a whirlwind educational and networking experience. As in industry, conferences and meetings play a vital role in advancing the business of our profession. Whereas technology has afforded us the opportunity to bridge miles and oceans in our quest for better global collaboration and team achievement, meeting face to face remains the best way to generate understanding and build relationships.

To learn more about some of what your local hospitality education partners were working on this summer, visit ICHRIE’s web site.  Let us know your thoughts and have a great remainder of the summer.