What do guests really want in a room?

The hotel market is more diverse than ever, and I would challenge you not to find a hotel room in London that doesn’t suit every need or requirement. In a growing and competitive industry, whether traveling for business or leisure, what people want and expect from their guestroom really matters.

I always rate a hotel based on the quality of a good night’s sleep. An amazing bed, with quality linen, is key for any hotel hoping to place itself within the luxury market. A peaceful night’s sleep should be an absolute prerequisite for any high-end hotel. Guests need to feel at complete ease away from home and truly relax. A firm and comfortable mattress, immaculate linen, and a choice of pillows, are winners.

As a business traveler, a great room provides a seamless experience. From easy-to-use, high quality WiFi to universal plug sockets to a good-sized writing desk, it shows how getting the basics done right and delivering on them make a room great.

Quality and a high level of service really sets the benchmark of a fine hotel. Exceptional service can elevate the entire hotel experience and turns a good stay into a memorable stay. You can also never underestimate a great turndown service at its simplicity: A bedtime treat on your pillow, a weather card or greeting, really can make returning to your bed room feel like something of an occasion. As a luxury, I do like fresh flowers in my room. It states freshness and adds a simple touch of elegance. Attention to detail is incredibly important, as is good housekeeping.  

Sometimes no matter how much you prepare, there is always something you forget to bring with you when you travel, and so discovering your hotel room offers great quality toiletries is always much appreciated. I still believe that luxury toiletries are key to a five-star delivery as this can often be an area of expense that some hotels choose not to invest. Taking the bathroom amenities home with you really is a good sign of quality!

Room size can be a contended topic upon check-in. However, does room size really matter? If the room is well-appointed and beautifully decorated, would you still be disappointed about the size? Size is not necessarily indicative of luxury, particularly in European cities. We must appreciate that room size can often present a challenge. As long as my hotel room has all the basic working essentials, and a few luxurious touches with great service, I am happy.

For me, the little things are most important. A guestroom can certainly be as bright and lovely as the pictures, but beautiful linen, attention to detail or a handwritten card in your room on arrival set one room apart from all the others.