What can we do for Florida, Texas and Caribbean hoteliers?

Right after the impact of Hurricane Irma, I read a social media post that asked this question of our industry: “What can we do besides sending donations” of supplies or money to organizations in these affected areas?

After many disasters, travel-related businesses are often the last to recuperate fully. What can we do? We can be their customers and guests. We can vacation in these places when local hotels, restaurants and cultural attractions reopen. We can include hotels in South Florida, Houston and the Caribbean on our RFP lists as soon as they say they are “open for meetings.” Whether it is spring break, summer travel or conference and convention season, we can help the employment of travel business. 

Whether the cause was Harvey, Irma or Maria, our colleagues and communities whose livelihoods and economies depend on travel, tourism and hospitality also depend on us, members of the profession, to lead the way back when they are ready – as we have done in the past, as we have done across the globe, irrespective of whether the natural disaster is a tsunami, earthquake or cyclone.

When you wear a hat that says “Texas Strong,” also consider giving those most devastated by these hurricanes your business as soon as you can and they can.