What are you wearing?

There is a lot of talk these days about wearable technology — Google Glass, Fitbit and more — yet the key question in innovation is, what problem are we solving for our audience? It’s great to come up with the next cool item, but if no one wants to use it, what’s the point?

At Four Seasons Resorts Lana’i, we recently debuted an RFID wristband for check-in. Of course we still provide old-fashioned key cards for those who want them, but the newly launched bands are perfect for all the amazing outdoor activities you can do on the island of Lana’i — snorkeling, surfing, SCUBA and more. Guests no longer have to worry about losing their keys and can simply enjoy their time in this slice of paradise. While room entry is the first step, we’ll be looking to add F&B, spa and other retail so the transaction is seamless for the guest.

At any beach resort in the world, there always was that uncomfortable moment when you wanted to go into the pool or ocean yet had to leave your room key behind. Now, that issue has been solved here simply by providing an arm band that is wearable and allows you to no longer worry about anything.