Well-being checks

When a guest fails to respond to a wake-up call, it’s standard procedure to dispatch someone from staff to the room to verify that all is well with the guest. What may not be quite as common is to perform a similar “well-being check” with our associates on a regular basis.   

Here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure department meetings are forums for staff to offer ideas for improvement and/or voice concerns in an open, non-judgmental way.
  • Be sure performance reviews include: 1) an opportunity for the person being reviewed to state what management could do more of to increase their job satisfaction and 2) an assessment of how the person’s current position relates to their career goals.
  • Complete a quick status check with new hires no later than 45 days into their tenure. Find out what’s working or not working for them. For more established employees, regularly scheduled one-on-ones are a good idea.  
  • Implement a standing committee formed of line-staff members that meets once a month with the general manager to offer opinions and suggestions for the operation. Post the minutes of this meeting in a conspicuous place for others to read.
  • A more ambitious but great way to gauge your staff’s mindset is to perform a survey once a year in which everyone ranks their workplace satisfaction and engagement on a fully confidential basis. Be sure to provide room for open responses and always de-brief results with each department.
  • Have your human-resource office open early and late plus offer Saturday hours once or twice a month to insure everyone can be served, no matter what shift they work. Additionally, make sure your HR staff walks the hotel to connect with associates. Some folks don’t like going to the HR office but will speak up if visited on the floor.

Assuring the well being of our employees translates into reduced turnover and, ultimately, happier guests. Everyone wins!

What tips do you have for improving the well being of your staff?