Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my new blog, exclusive to HOTELS, entitled ?I on the Industry.? In this space, I look forward to providing ideas, thoughts, trends, insights ? my perspective on the hotel industry as hotelier for the Trump Hotel Collection as well executive vice president development & acquisitions for The Trump Organization. I?d like to start by thanking Jeff Weinstein for this opportunity. In addition to the HOTELS blog, my blogs will reside on my Facebook page and I?ll be dispensing thoughts from them via Twitter. If there is anything you are interested in hearing about, feel free to message me on Facebook or Twitter and I?ll be happy to try to address your topic in a future blog post.

In the coming weeks, I will be reporting on hotel trends gleaned from my travels as well as ways we are putting these ideas to use in our hotels. Just as an example, when we were developing our hotel design concept for Trump SoHo New York, which opened this past spring, I had been traveling to Istanbul for another one of our Trump Organization projects. I was inspired by the hammam experience there and decided to incorporate my own version of it into The Spa at Trump at Trump SoHo. The result has been a hit with both men and women and has sparked a bit of a hammam craze nationwide. I?ll provide more detail on its business success in a future blog post.

Other topics on my mind include hotel design trends, what?s new in mini bars, what the next generation of business traveler is seeking from their hotel experiences and social networking as a tool to enhance customer loyalty. Stay tuned!