Weddings and Google?

Weddings + destination + Lanai + island + Hawaii. When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), these are among the most frequent keyword searches for the Island of Lana’i. When in doubt, most of us turn to the Internet to conduct our research, to, as we say, “Google it.”  From recipes to travel to wedding advice, anything and everything can be found on Google.  

What does this mean for your business, and how are you using it to your advantage? While this may be a good topic to Google, allow me to share a great story from our fair little isle in the Pacific … and then you Google it!

Wedding and Social Events Manager Allison McDaniel
Wedding and Social Events Manager Allison McDaniel

Four Seasons Resorts Lana’i recently had the unique opportunity to partner with online bridal guide Green Wedding Shoes for the resorts’ inaugural Google+ Hangout bridal chat. This virtual chat was hosted by Jen Campbell, wedding expert and founder of Green Wedding Shoes, and featured the very best in luxury and destination weddings. Joining Jen were Four Seasons’ expert panelists, Director of Catering and Conference Services Hector Rubio and Wedding and Social Events Manager Allison McDaniel, who offered tips and advice to Hangout participants throughout the chat. Topics covered inspirational advice and trends ranging from fashion, flowers and cuisine to venues, vows and honeymoons. Lana’i is definitely on the Google radar!

The setup was simple — just a few laptop computers positioned at various locations at each resort to conduct the live broadcast — but the results were massive. Hangout participants were able to see Jen, Hector and Allison and ask questions throughout the 30-minute chat session. This allowed for rich engagement and a stunning backdrop of our Manele Bay Resort and The Lodge at Koele.  

The Google+ Hangout was a success for everyone involved. Not only was this the first Google+ Hangout for a Four Seasons, it also was the very first on-air broadcast outdoors for Google. Four Seasons Resorts Lana’i helped blaze a new trail for Google, and we had fun doing it. This was an exciting milestone for our team and a strategic, fun marketing initiative. Take a look at our Hangout video via YouTube, and start planning that wedding!