Webster’s omission

Webster’s omission

First of all, thank you to all who “blog back” regularly. Your comments bring so much delight, and I am glad we are making a difference out there.  

Try this one on for size:

When I hear someone say something is “possible,” it smacks of maybe, could be, let’s leave it to the fates — uncommitted, in any event. (As in the question, “Would you marry me?” If the answer is “It’s possible,” run for the hills. Not happening).

I propose that there is an omission in the dictionary of an important word. This word I believe portends a near sure bet that something wanted will occur. I call that word “poss-ability.”  

“Poss-ability” is a word I created with a different context (ability) and therefore begs different results. It is what follows after one is committed. It is this “poss-ability” that allowed a man to walk on the moon in 10 years after JFK declared it would be so even though no technology was remotely available to achieve such a feat at that time.

I collaborate with a team that specializes in making things “poss-able” — in other words, bringing “ability” to that which is desired. We think that if training were enough, all associates would be hitting the mark every day exactly as trained. We understand that world-class trainers train their teams for spectacular service, leadership and empowerment, but my colleagues and I know it is not enough. To really create the best “poss-able” culture of amazing service and create a fat bottom line while doing well by all constituents, we suggest you need to address something before training occurs. In most organizations, we train people and they nod they understand, but often resignation and breakdowns ensue. 

The first thing we address with any hotel or organization is how people listen. Listening is different for everyone. I am not referring to active listening and robotic mimicking techniques. I am speaking of people becoming consciously aware of how they listen. Everyone listens differently, and there are reasons for that they are not even aware of. How your team listens to you (and for you) is the difference between possibility and “poss-ability.” 

People say that awareness is half the battle in finding a solution in any situation. It is highly unlikely people can achieve new results without new awareness. As individuals and organizations, we can’t get new results if our level of awareness remains constant. As I have stated in the past, it is almost impossible to get new information into a closed system. We first need to open the system (people’s awareness) and clear out old patterns of listening. Once people become aware of how they listen and how they process information, resignation is eliminated and behavior changes. It is then you can galvanize results of any magnitude that you want for your company 

I humbly offer this new word to my brothers and sisters in hospitality:  

“Poss-ability” (noun): Having the ability to make things happen. Leadership at every level of the organization. Synonyms: Awareness. Commitment. Results.