We are all beacons

We send signals that impact the people around us whether or not we are consciously aware of it.

Each of us plays the part of a leader at some point in our personal as well as professional lives. What we say and how we act matters. You could say we live our lives as either an example or a warning. Hmmmmmm … 

It has been said that there are only two emotions around which all others revolve: love and fear. In a business context, let’s just call love “positive emotion.” 

Examples of states aligned with positive emotion would be optimism, enthusiasm, inspiration, joy, good humor and compassion. Confidence and integrity are also inherent in this emotional state along with a positive outlook for the future.

States that revolve around fear look like worry, anger, jealousy, struggle and complaining. In fear, people get stopped by what they imagine might happen that they don’t want to have happen. Fear is more of an obstacle builder. You get the idea. 

So, what does this have to do with business?

I believe business is a metaphor for life.

As leaders, some of us may have greater responsibility within an organization, but chances are we have relationships with others who are looking to us for answers about how life really “is.” What are the examples we are sending our loved ones, our leaders, our associates?

Truly, there are two sides of the stick to every situation. Our “choices” of how to feel about things define where we are going to be on that stick. The scenario is one of the glass half full or half empty. The question is, what can we change in our perception to lead with more positive energy and encounter fewer obstacles?

Remember, when it looks cloudy out, there is still blue sky above those clouds. As cloudy is not the entire truth about the sky, to say it is cloudy is a partial description — a perception. So is blue sky — I’m not saying don’t pack an umbrella. I’m just saying take some SPF along, too.