Waste not, want not

A couple weeks ago I blogged about a unique CSR effort merging art and food to expose kids to creative careers. But not all CSR projects have to think outside the box to have an impact.

Take Chefs To End Hunger, a program that enables chefs to repurpose food that would normally be thrown away to help those in need. Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles has worked with Chefs To End Hunger since 2012, donating its excess food to food agencies throughout L.A. — particularly Midnight Mission downtown, one of the city’s oldest continuously operating human service organizations.

“Our entire hotel team is excited to be part of this wonderful initiative that helps the community,” says Director of Food and Beverage Thomas Krooswijk. “Not only are the chefs participating, but the entire hotel supports the Midnight Mission by volunteering to serve meals at the center on a regular basis.

“For large businesses like a hotel, charitable initiatives should be a natural and regular part of community involvement and giving back locally,” Krooswijk continues. “It is a great cause.”

Has your hotel found ways to repurpose or reuse items that might otherwise be trashed? Please share your experiences so others might be inspired.